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Financial Literacy

NeighborWorks Mountain Country Home Solutions/SunCountry Home Solutions

About us
NeighborWorks Mountain Country Home Solutions, is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization
that has been providing vital community services since 1992. In the early days, our focus
was on owner occupied home improvement loans, community volunteer clean up and
volunteer home painting events. We have since evolved into building affordable homes,
purchase, rehabilitation and resale of dilapidated homes, and have become the first
successful nonprofit mortgage lender in the state of Utah.
Our community services include foreclosure avoidance and remediation counseling,
home-buyer education classes, credit restoration counseling, rental services,
and homeownership opportunities.
Our strategic and business plans aid us in aligning ourselves better with the current
economic conditions of our great state. As a private nonprofit organization, we pride
ourselves in maintaining the flexibility to adjust to the current and most urgent needs of
our fellow constituents, including expanding our service area to the greater portion of
Central Utah, in all business lines and consulting services for partner agencies.



Financial Counseling
The financial health and well-being of any community is important to all of us. Each of us
need reputable advice when it comes to money and debt. Our HUD-certified Financial
Counselors are a trained resource that is available to discuss and advise you on improving
your individual financial situation. We are trained in areas of consumer credit, money,
budgeting and debt management.

Debt and Money Management Assessment
We can help you assess your debt and money management practices. We’ll make
suggestions you can implement to improve over time and help you achieve your financial

Developing a Budget
Learning to create a budget that functions and provides the flexibility to keep you moving
toward your financial goals is essential. Having a solid working budget can position you
to achieve improving financial stability, lowering debt, and preparing for emergencies in a
way that your financial stability is not thrown off track..

Your Credit Score and Report
Credit is essential to each of us. We’ll help you identify ways to improve your credit
worthiness and raise your credit scores. Building and maintaining good credit scores will
help your financial position.

Debt Management Plan
Many people get into too much debt and it can easily create stress and unhealthy
financial management. We’ll help you understand how to create and implement a debt
management plan that sets you on the right course.

Cost for our Services
Your counseling session is completely confidential and we do not report the information
to any creditors or the credit bureaus. Your first visit is only $35.00. Let us help you get
back on your feet and moving toward a bright financial future.


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